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How Do I Get a Job as a Massage Therapist? Our Tips

Posted by Burke Williams on Dec 02, 2022

As innovators in the massage industry for almost 40 years with thousands of massage therapists on our team we thought it would be helpful to post a blog with information about massage therapy jobs and how to secure them.

The first step before applying for a job as a massage therapist is to ensure all of your credentials/experience are in order. For example, collect all of the information possible related to the massage school you attended, experience you have, etc. prior to submitting your application.

Also, take a step back and truly think about why you are applying in the first place – is it simply a job or you have a true passion for healing others? That’s a critical question.

If you check all of the above boxes and want to pursue a career as a massage therapist let’s connect and explore what’s possible. The Burke Williams team is expanding quickly and we’re looking for qualified candidates.

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What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Massage Therapist?

Posted by Burke Williams on Dec 02, 2022

The world is changing rapidly and people are starting to think outside of the box about ways they can make a difference while also fulfilling their dreams/goals of helping others, and that has led to a huge spike in job applications we’re getting for massage therapist positions. Though what are the credentials you need to become a massage therapist?

First off, similar to becoming a chef by experiencing culinary school, the same applies to education around massage and by attending a massage therapy program you’ll be on the right track for what’s to come (a future in the industry).

Secondly, aside from education, it’s critical you have real world experience that covers the usual requirements (externship hours, continually practicing/improving, etc.) and ultimately the knowledge and ability to deliver results for your guests.

Lastly, if you’re looking to pursue a career in massage therapy it’s important to take the business side of the equation into account. For example, would you rather work for an established company and do what you love or work independently and have to worry about everything associated with that ranging from licensing fees to accounting, etc.?

And if you’re looking for a massage therapist position now let’s connect.

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What Does a Facial Cleanser Do? Answers From Our Experts

Posted by Burke Williams on Dec 02, 2022

Going back many years up until now the concept of cleaning our faces has evolved rapidly and nowadays there are tons of products on the market aimed at exactly that, though what does a facial cleanser actually do?

In a nutshell, a facial cleanser is part of a skincare routine that focuses on lifting up oils, removing dirt, pollutants and any other surface debris from the skin. And ideally you want your facial cleanser to be PH balanced so it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils and barriers.

When it comes to dealing with dry skin, creamy cleansers are great while on the flip side foamy cleansers are perfect for all skin types, including those suffering from oily skin. That’s where understanding your skin and how it reacts is important before purchasing facial cleansing products, establishing a skincare routine, etc.

For nearly 40 years Burke Williams has been a leader in the day spa and skincare industry, including launching our own line of products, and we’re here to help you along the way.

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What is a Proper Skin Care Routine? Our Experience Over Nearly 40 Years

Posted by Burke Williams on Dec 02, 2022

When it comes to skin care and establishing a routine it’s no different than eating healthy, going to the gym, getting stuff done for work and every other regiment you have in your life. Though many people just don’t know what elements come together to create the best skin care routine, so we thought it would be helpful to share our thoughts/experience.

First and foremost, skin care doesn’t need to be complex and time consuming – you just need to choose the products you’ll be using then stick to the schedule including a blend of exfoliation, gentle cleansers, toners and moisturizers.

Secondly, think about skin care as something that spans the day from when you wake up to when you fall asleep, and some applications (like applying SPF 30 in the morning) are critical to protect your skin.

Also, to create the best skin care routine and the order in which you use skin care products, remember that after cleansing products need to be applied strategically. For example, start with the thinnest to thickest consistency (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, SPF).

The moral of the story is that skin care is important for everyone so we feel comfortable with ourselves and shine. And whether you’re looking to perform a skin care routine at home or be pampered at one of our locations, focusing on you is key.

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The Best Gift: A Spa Day with Someone You Love

Posted by Burke Williams on Nov 22, 2022
We are living in a digital age where everything from relationships to communicating with family and friends occurs online, and it’s good to spend time in person with the people you love. What’s the best way to do that? 
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Deep Tissue Massages for Athletes: The Burke Williams Experience

Posted by Burke Williams on Nov 22, 2022
Whether you’re hitting home runs and consistently knocking things out of the park or running marathons it’s important to remember that we’re all human and at some point you need to recharge. And when it comes to athletes, deep tissue massages can be a game changer. 
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What is the Meaning of a Day Spa? Our Feedback as Innovators

Posted by Burke Williams on Nov 22, 2022
Many times in life we focus on things that need to be done immediately which creates stress and causes us to neglect ourselves and personal well-being, but it shouldn’t be that way and Burke Williams has devoted nearly 40 years to changing that.  
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Which Massage Technique is the Best? Our Experience After 30+ Years

Posted by Burke Williams on Nov 22, 2022
The art of massage therapy takes a unique skill and over many years we’re often asked questions around which massage techniques are the best? However, that ultimately comes down to you and what you’re trying to achieve in the end. 
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Regenerate Confidence

Posted by Heidi on Jan 30, 2019

We love the skincare resolutions we’ve seen the skincare community and our own Burke Williams members make for 2019! Skin is the body’s largest organ and acts as a protective barrier and diagnostic tool. Properly taking care of your skin is important for both health and confidence. Who doesn’t love the healthy, radiant glow that comes from beautifully polished skin?

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Celebrating you in 2019 at BW Med+Spa with General Manager Kayla Spencer

Posted by Heidi on Jan 15, 2019

At Burke Williams, we believe that confidence is essential to achieving your goals and living your best life. In 2019, transform your year and feel your best by adding an extra boost of confidence at BW Med+Spa. Mission Viejo spa manager, Kayla Spencer shared her insight on BW Med+Spa and how to renew, relax and celebrate you!

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