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Springtime Hairstyle Tips

Posted by Heidi on Apr 25, 2017


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Springtime Fashion Trends

Posted by support on Apr 27, 2015

New York Fashion Week never fails to usher in a whirlwind of new trends. Amidst the versatile styles that ruled the runways of NYC in February, there were reoccurring looks that shined at multiple shows. Many stylists and designers revived the irresistible allure of cherry red lips, extended glamour all the way down to the fingertips, and opted for loose braids and ponytails in lieu of rigid buns. Overall, the 2015 New York Fashion Week revealed a handful of trends that are fun and inspiring, and can translate into everyday wear. Check out some of the most popular styles to grace the runways, along with 2014 fads to bid adieu to.Sensual open mouth  with red tube of lipstick

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Springtime Eye Shadow Hacks

Posted by support on Mar 25, 2015

Eyes are often referred to as windows to the soul and are the subject of countless poems and love stories. For makeup lovers, they’re also the focus of great artistry. However, applying eye shadow can be intimidating. Wide varieties of hues, shades, and shadows line store walls, and during springtime retailers are bringing in even more rows of new colors. Whether trying out the newest trends or using those old shades from the bottom of your makeup drawer, there are simple tips and tricks that can highlight any eye. Check out these eye shadow hacks that can work for both dramatic and natural looks.

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