Wetroom Treatments

Emerge renewed.

Shift into a place of tranquil beauty with one of our Burke Williams Wetroom Treatments. See and feel your natural glow unfold with a unique session catered to your own personal escape. These treatments feature our Wetroom, where specially designed showerheads envelop your body in cascading streams of water. We invite you to step in, melt away tension, and then let our Wetroom Treatments transition you into your relaxed, radiant self.

Please note: These services are not recommended for pregnant or nursing guests. To achieve optimal results and avoid skin sensitivity, please refrain from shaving prior to service.

Wetroom is currently unavailable in each location.


This soothing treatment begins with an exfoliating scrub. You are then cleansed with wheat stalks soaked in exotic essential oils while cascades of warm water immerse your entire body. After being toweled dry, the massage finishes with a light moisturizing oil.

40-minutes $140 (regular) $110 (member price)
San Jose    
40-minutes $150 (regular) $115 (member price)
San Francisco    
40-minutes $160 (regular) $125 (member price)


First, mineral salts are massaged into your skin. Then, warm organic mud is applied before cascading waters wash away tensions. We finish with an invigorating peppermint-menthol lotion to awaken your senses and leave your body tingling.

Please note: This treatment is not recommended for guests with sensitive skin, sensitivity to heat, or guests with allergies to sulfur.

50-minutes $170 (regular) $130 (member price)
San Jose    
50-minutes $175 (regular) $135 (member price)
San Francisco    
50-minutes $185 (regular) $145 (member price)


These exfoliating body treatments thoroughly and effectively remove dead surface skin cells to leave your skin glowing. The vigorous Salt Glo is ideal for the true spa enthusiast. The gentler Sugar Glo is recommended for those with more sensitive skin.

25-minutes $95 (regular) $80 (member price)
40-minutes $135 (regular) $100 (member price)
San Jose    
25-minutes $100 (regular) $85 (member price)
40-minutes $135 (regular) $105 (member price)
San Francisco    
25-minutes $100 (regular) $95 (member price)
40-minutes $155 (regular) $120 (member price)