Spa Baths

Bask in gentle reflection and experience the restorative benefits of hydrotherapy in one of our private spa baths. You’ll ease gently into your escape before continuing with your scheduled spa treatment. Let our therapeutic baths begin the turning point in your day – it’s going to be a good one.

Traditional spa baths are available only in conjunction with another spa service. We recommend adding this calming experience to your massage or facial. Microsilk Baths are available for booking without another service, however, are best booked in conjunction with your massage or facial. Feel yourself transform, and let us guide you to pure relaxation.


Round out your spa escape with one of our therapeutic herbal baths. Available only with a spa service.

20-minutes $45 (regular) $40 (member price)
San Jose    
20-minutes $50 (regular) $45 (member price)
San Francisco    
20-minutes $65 (regular) $60 (member price)


Enhance your bathing experience with MicroSilk technology. Billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles envelop your body, leaving your skin feeling noticeably silkier and more youthful.

Available exclusively at our Woodland Hills and Hollywood Spas.

20-minutes $75 (regular) $65 (member price)