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Relaxing Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Posted by support on Jan 26, 2015

Valentine’s Day means cards, candy, flowers - and oftentimes a dose of anxiety. Despite the cliché expectations and commercial aspects of Valentine’s Day, it can be a great excuse to show appreciation for quality time and relaxation with your significant other. While many people will clamor to find the perfect eatery and a movie that balances just the right amount of action and romance, there are alternative date options for dreamy-eyed lovers. Forget a stuffy restaurant and packed movie theater, these romantic and relaxing ideas are perfect for baiting cupid and creating an unforgettable date.

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Timeless Beauty Quotes from Hollywood Icons

Posted by support on Dec 22, 2014

Classic Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor epitomize glamour and represent an era that produced some of the most memorable films in cinematic history. Their supportive fans followed them throughout their successful careers. Immortalized for being a style icon, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star Audrey Hepburn went on to help children around the globe as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

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Get Ready For Your Best Valentine's Day Ever

Posted by support on Feb 06, 2013

If you ask us, we think it’s time to step back from all the Valentine's Day fluff and to add true romance to the celebration of love. You reserve the rustic wood cabin and buy the bottle of champagne. We’ll help you look and feel like the Valentine vixen you truly are with these pre-V Day treatments.

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Valentine's Day Pamper Prep with Burke Williams

Posted by support on Jan 29, 2013

As you may know by now I’m a pretty huge fan of the super lux chain of spas known as Burke Williams. With nine locations around Cali I have made it my goal to visit each one and try a new service. (I know what you’re thinking… my job sucks). In honor of Valentine's Day my sis and I prepped our minds and bodies by indulging in back to back treatments at the beautiful Burke in Santana Row, aka the Rodeo Drive of San Jose. The Moroccan decor throughout the Santana Row facility set a different sexy vibe from the other Burkes I’ve seen. With dark, bold colors and dim lighting this place oozed exotic zen from every corner.

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