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Wintertime is the Best Time to Update Your Skincare Routine

Posted by Heidi on Dec 23, 2016

Winter fairy, snow angel

Skin care is a year round ritual, but when cold weather hits it’s time to shake up your routine! Much like switching out summer clothes for a winter wardrobe, skin care habits should be adjusted with the seasons. Skin cells have different needs depending on environment and personal activities, and when cooler weather hits it’s time to fight against dry skin. Stay in tune with the ever-changing needs of your epidermis and check out our tips below to ensure healthy, glowing skin during the wispy winter season.

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Pores: An Owner's Guide

Posted by support on Nov 07, 2012

Pores can be the veins of your skin's existence as they constantly reveal dirt, oil and other impurities through tiny pinprick-like openings on your face. The average human body has over 5 million pores, and when you’re having a bad skin day, it can feel like nearly half of them are plotting against you.

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