Relaxing Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Posted by support on Jan 26, 2015

Valentine’s Day means cards, candy, flowers - and oftentimes a dose of anxiety. Despite the cliché expectations and commercial aspects of Valentine’s Day, it can be a great excuse to show appreciation for quality time and relaxation with your significant other. While many people will clamor to find the perfect eatery and a movie that balances just the right amount of action and romance, there are alternative date options for dreamy-eyed lovers. Forget a stuffy restaurant and packed movie theater, these romantic and relaxing ideas are perfect for baiting cupid and creating an unforgettable date.

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Indoor Picnic

If the weather outside is frightful (or at the very least chilly) transition an outdoor picnic indoors to create a whimsical experience with endless theme options. Pack an array of delicious foods into a basket then light a few candles and unroll a cozy blanket. For an opportunity to get close, find a good movie. Watching a movie is a great way to kick back and relax. For a picnic with culinary flair, draw inspiration from across the globe by including regional food items and play music associated with the chosen region. No matter which theme or approach is applied, an indoor picnic will set the tone for a lovely, relaxing date night.

Trip to a Museum

There’s a certain romantic quality to observing works of art while roaming the halls of a museum hand-in-hand. The quiet nature of museums can equate to a slower-paced date, and can yield hours of conversation. If artistic ventures aren’t of interest, try taking in something a little more adventurous like a nautical museum or planetarium. Museum-oriented dates can also alleviate the pressure of finding a buzz-worthy (and oftentimes crowded) restaurant to dine in. Quaint bistros and cafes are an ideal way to end a day at the museum, and provide the perfect setting to sip on a coffee and discuss the day.

Spa Day

Valentine’s Day is often a catalyst for gift giving, yet finding something for couples to enjoy together can sometimes be a challenge. Nothing says rest and relaxation like a day at the spa, and this soothing gift can double as a date. This out-of-the-ordinary option gives everyone involved an opportunity to decompress from life in the fast lane. At Burke Williams, spa options include a variety of treatments that appeal to both men and women, including massage therapy, spa baths, and custom body treatments. Couples can leave this unique experience feeling pampered, and rejuvenated.

Road Trip to a Romantic Small Town

If the hustle and bustle of city life is wearing you out, consider a Valentine’s Day escape into small-town bliss. Road trips are a great way to either catch up or get to know someone, and the journey can be almost as exciting as the destination. With a bit of research and planning, a dream date full of small-town charm, local cuisine and relaxation could amount to an unforgettable Valentine’s Day date.







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