Hydration: Why It’s Important Inside & Out

Posted by Heidi on Jul 02, 2018

Given that our bodies are made of 60% water it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the liquid of life powers our mind, transports nutrients to our cells, and gives us glowing skin…and that’s just the start of it! No matter your activity level, our bodies crave good ‘ol H2O to survive and thrive. As you pack your daily essentials for the day, Burke Williams would like to remind you to grab that water bottle and remember the benefits that come with every single sip.

Reasons to Stay Hydrated

Fights Fatigue

Trying to kick the coffee habit? Next time you reach for the cup of Joe, try sipping water instead. With fatigue being one of the first signs of dehydration it’s no wonder many people feel sluggish when the clock hits 2pm. As a bonus, a well-hydrated body is often a well-rested body as hydration can contribute to a better night’s sleep.

Maintaining Weight

Those who have tried to lose any unwanted pounds have probably been told to drink more water. When our body isn’t properly hydrated, it sends signals to our brain to “send the good stuff!” Many people often interpret this signal as feeling hungry, when in reality, our body simply needs water. Sipping water throughout the day can curb cravings and keep you feeling satisfied before your next meal.

Boosts Your Mood

In addition to aiding in digestion, regulating body temperature, and much more, water is truly good for us from our head to our toes. Studies have proven that an increased intake of water not only boosted brain function by improving the flow of oxygen and blood to our brains, but it also decreased irritability, fatigue, and confusion.

Helps Muscles and Joints Work Better

Proper hydration can help our muscles stay lubricated, strong, and energized, which is why it’s especially necessary to replenish fluids during and after exercise. Because the cartilage in our joints is primarily made of water, not drinking enough water also decreases the protective fluids in our joints - hello stiff-feeling bones!

Keeps Skin Subtle

Water helps our organs stay in tip-top shape. With our skin being our body’s largest organ, it’s no wonder why our skin needs water to glow from the inside out. In addition to combatting dull and flaky skin, water rids our skin of toxins and fights acne. The liquid also slows the aging process by maintaining our skin’s elasticity and fighting the appearance of dreaded wrinkles.

There’s no denying the amazing benefits that come with drinking water – it’s a huge part in maintaining our everyday well-being. Burke Williams guests can maximize the benefits of regular water intake with a visit to their local Burke Williams spa. Stepping away for a day of R&R fights fatigue, clears our busy minds, aides in muscle recovery, and of course keeps skin smooth and subtle. During the month of July guests can receive 20% off the signature Burke Williams Massage and reap the benefits of the ever-popular Nourishing Facial, also on special in July. Visit BurkeWilliamsSpa.com to book your appointment today!


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