Nail Care

Spa Manicures and Pedicures

Take your nail care to the next level by entering our beautiful spa escape.  We’ll help you settle in with a hot cup of tea, a lavender-scented blanket for your legs, and a lavender pillow to support your neck. While you unwind, we’ll ensure your hands and feet are cleansed, smoothed, cured, and polished. 

Each treatment includes a luxurious and healing massage designed by our Burke Williams professionals and uses premium non-toxic and vegan products for the ultimate in self-care.  

Maintain elegantly polished nails with this classic treatment. This quintessential spa manicure includes a relaxing hand massage in a tranquil and luxurious spa environment. 

Spa Manicure $60 (regular) $55 (member price)

Maintain your foot’s beauty with this classic treatment. This quintessential spa pedicure includes a relaxing foot massage in a tranquil and luxurious spa environment. 

Spa Pedicure $80 (regular) $65 (member price)

A transformative manicure experience featuring a rich Ecofin hand treatment with shea butter and essential oils, plus an extended massage that leaves you feeling pampered. 

Luxe Spa Manicure $85 (regular) $70 (member price)

An elevated pedicure transforms your experience into a true spa escape. Includes extended massage, two enhancements, and more time spent on legs and feet. 

Luxe Spa Pedicure $110 (regular) $80 (member price)

Embrace understated elegance with this gorgeous polish-free manicure. Includes expertly buffed nails for a smooth, natural-looking, high-shine finish.

Buff & Shine Manicure $50 (regular) $45 (member price)



Each Burke Williams manicure and pedicure features non-toxic, long-lasting Dazzle Dry polish for beautifully finished nails. Developed by a bio-organic chemist, Dazzle Dry’s formulation puts your well-being first to provide all the benefits of a gel polish without UV exposure, harsh chemicals, or the need for professional removal. 


Pedicure Enhancements

Enjoy your pedicure to the fullest!

At Burke Williams you can customize your experience by adding our unique enhancements. Each enhancement is designed to assist your technician in maximizing the benefits of your pedicure, so you’ll leave Burke Williams with beautiful and healthy feet and toes. 

Our expert nail technicians will safely eliminate thick or painful calluses, leaving your feet feeling soft and renewed.

Callus Removal $16 (regular) $13 (member price)

Your skin will will be exfoliated and polished, helping your skin better absorb products and leaving your feet feeling luxuriously smooth.

Seasonal Scrub $16 (regular) $13 (member price)

This masque uses seasonally specific ingredients to hydrate, soften, and smooth the delicate skin on your hands and surrounding your nail beds.

Seasonal Masque $16 (regular) $13 (member price)

The finest blend of genuine honey, aloe leaf juice, pineapple and papaya fruit extracts combine for a decadent moisturizer.

Heel Honey $16 (regular) $13 (member price)

A ridge filler designed to smooth nail imperfections, resulting in strong, vibrant nails with a gel-like finish. Available as a manicure or pedicure enhancement. 

Nail Bed Repair 19 (regular) $16 (member price)

Polish may be replaced with a buff and shine. Nail care is currently unavailable in Mission Viejo and San Francisco.