5 Ways to Flaunt Floral Prints

Posted by Ace Agency on Feb 29, 2016

Flower prints are incredibly versatile. They can be bold or subtle, aggressive or romantic. They’re a fashion staple that has been gracing runways for decades, and can make a distinct statement as a focal point or work as a compliment to another piece. With springtime just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the beauty and versatility of floral prints, and we’re here to break down five different ways to flaunt looks, pairings, and accessories that will make your spring style bloom.

Bottoms Up

An easy way to plan an outfit is to start with the bottoms and work up, specifically when it comes to floral prints. Building your look from a skirt or flirty pair of shorts will help alleviate pattern clash, and gives fickle-minded fashionistas a simple starting point. One mishap to be aware of when pairing tops with floral bottoms is to watch the proportions – pair a flowy shirt with form fitting shorts, or a billowy skirt with a svelte blouse.

The Rise of Floral Print Pants

Lucky for the fashion world floral prints are no longer relegated to skirts, shorts, and dresses. Current trends are breaking the mold and flaunting some serious leg wear, and there’s a style for nearly every occasion. Drawstring, relaxed summer pants are great for comfort and mobility, and can be paired with a loose t-shirt or tank. Floral print jeans are increasingly easier to find in retail stores, and can be worn with a button up, solid-colored blouse or graphic t-shirt. Want to add a little flavor? Try pairing a fun vest over a t-shirt or tank top to wear in combination with your floral print pants.

Flower Power Topside

Now that we’ve paid homage to the budding possibilities of skirts, shorts, and pants, it’s time to examine the power of floral print tops and jackets. Nothing makes a statement like a strong floral print top, but it’s fairly easy to take the look overboard. Let the blouse or shirt become the focal point of your flora, and avoid wearing it with flower-patterned bottoms. Floral print jackets are best worn over solid-colors or coordinating stripes. For added flair, roll the sleeves up above the elbow and allow some of your undershirt to peek out.


Floral prints go beyond fabric into the world of accessories. Highbrow designers including Versace and Kate Spade are offering floral print purses that add serious edge to any wardrobe. Wide-band, floral print bracelets are also in the now, along with necklaces that feature a flower as the main focal point.

Savvy Style Is Always In Bloom

The appeal of floral prints go beyond their aesthetic, they’re also a practical wardrobe piece that can be dressed up or down. A pair of floral print pants can be worn as an everyday lounge item, but they can also be dressed up with a killer pair of heels and a sleek jacket. There’s also versatility in fabrics, making it easy to find a piece that’s full of BoHo chic chiffon or comfy cotton. And no one can ever deny the timeless romanticism of an elegant floral print dress. In short, floral prints are a savvy style choice that’s always in bloom.

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