Where is the Highest Demand for Massage Therapists? Our Feedback

Posted by Burke Williams on Sep 18, 2023

Burke Williams has been an innovator and leader in the luxury day spa industry for almost 40 years. Over that time, we’ve seen the demand for massage therapists shift in various locations, so we thought it would be helpful to share our thoughts on where we see the massage world going in the future.

Tackling a common question and what you're probably most interested in, is where is the highest demand for massage therapists in the U.S.? We wish there was an easy answer though it goes back to a variety of factors.
In the early days of the massage industry, especially in the luxury day spa scene we helped shape in the 1980s, California was a hotspot. Afterward, we saw spas popping up all over the United States. Fast forward to today, spas offering massage services are commonplace and massage therapists are in high demand. 
Looking at the questions we receive along with industry trends, it’s clear that people in California helped drive the demand initially and now massage therapist jobs are trending in other states like Florida and New York. 
And if you’re currently certified as a massage therapist, attending massage therapy school or looking to become a therapist in the future and don’t know where to start, Burke Williams is here to help you on that journey. 
If you’re passionate about massage therapy and interested in joining the Burke Williams team, you can learn more on our Careers page

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