How Do I Get a Job as a Massage Therapist? Our Tips

Posted by Burke Williams on Dec 02, 2022

As innovators in the massage industry for almost 40 years with thousands of massage therapists on our team we thought it would be helpful to post a blog with information about massage therapy jobs and how to secure them.

The first step before applying for a job as a massage therapist is to ensure all of your credentials/experience are in order. For example, collect all of the information possible related to the massage school you attended, experience you have, etc. prior to submitting your application.

Also, take a step back and truly think about why you are applying in the first place – is it simply a job or you have a true passion for healing others? That’s a critical question.

If you check all of the above boxes and want to pursue a career as a massage therapist let’s connect and explore what’s possible. The Burke Williams team is expanding quickly and we’re looking for qualified candidates.

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