Massage Therapy Trends in 2024 and New Job Opportunities

Posted by Burke Williams on Jun 26, 2024

Burke Williams has been an innovator in the massage industry for nearly 40 years and it’s exciting how the massage world has transformed in recent times. Trends are emerging now that show a clear demand for experienced massage therapists. And if you’re searching for a massage therapist job now, here’s a snapshot of what we’re seeing and looking for.

At the top of the trend list is a growing desire for hyper personalization. At Burke Williams, our Massage Therapists are known for providing uniquely customized massage experiences. Whether you are looking to perform Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, or looking for a work environment that supports your creativity as a Massage Therapist, know that we continue to offer tranquil, relaxing, spaces for guests and employees alike. 
Whether looking internally at our Burke Williams day spas throughout California (Hollywood, Santa Monica, Torrance, etc.) or any other spas around the world, we are all on the same page and have the same goals: Hire the best people to provide the best guest experiences. 
Thirdly, and what really makes Burke Williams special, is building teams that work together to achieve our collective goals and that’s why after all of these years we’re still leaders in the luxury spa space today with a core team that has been around from the beginning. 
Have a passion for massage therapy and looking for a new opportunity? Connect with our hiring team and let’s explore your future. 

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