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Posted by Burke Williams on Dec 14, 2023

For nearly 40 years Burke Williams has not only been an innovator in the luxury spa industry but also one of the largest employers of certified massage therapists and this post touches on some  common questions we receive related to massage therapist salaries.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that in addition to offering competitive salaries we pay more for special modalities/skills and the benefits, opportunities for growth, being part of a company/family that cares and other factors that creates a sense of fulfillment each day are equally as important. When looking for a massage therapist job in California or anywhere else in the world those simple things are key. 

Below are some of the common questions we receive: 

What is the average salary for a massage therapist in California? 

This is a tough question to answer because it depends on a wide variety of factors, and we wish there was an easy answer. Average salaries for massage therapists in California are based on a few things (experience, skills, etc.) and some employers like Burke Williams go above and beyond by offering additional benefits. 

Do massage/spa companies provide ongoing training and career opportunities?

Burke Williams is currently seeking qualified massage therapists at select locations while at the same time helping people with a passion for massage therapy create the careers/futures they imagine. Investing in our staff and providing top-tier, hands-on training is one of the things in which we take pride. By providing tools and ongoing training, our staff can focus on what’s most important: Creating meaningful transformation for others.

Where is Burke Williams hiring massage therapists now? 

From our locations in Northern California (San Francisco and San Jose) to Burke Williams spas in Los Angeles (Marina del Rey and Santa Monica) and Orange County, the main focus remains on hiring top-tier massage therapists who bring their unique skills and personal touch to our spas. A sanctuary where they can work with like-minded individuals to deliver the best guest experiences possible. 

Looking for a massage therapist career in California and need help along the way? We’re here to guide you through that journey. 

Please reach out to our lead recruiter, Jenn Matthys, with any questions you may have: JennM@burkewilliams.com 

(310) 420-3303

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