Massage Therapy Jobs in 2024: Burke Williams is Expanding the Team

Posted by Burke Williams on Feb 03, 2024

Since day one, Burke Williams was founded on family and building an environment/team that brings everything to life by providing the best services to our guests while maintaining the highest level of quality. And in 2024 we’re looking to expand the team by hiring the best massage therapists.

In going down that path, whether it’s for massage therapists at our locations in Southern California (Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, etc.) or up North (San Francisco, San Jose), we are seeking massage therapists with a true passion for their art and Burke Williams offers a variety of benefits that come with joining our team, including the following: 
The Flexibility of Massage Therapist Jobs
One of the common questions we receive is around the flexibility of working as a massage therapist in the spa/massage industry. At Burke Williams, we work with our team to provide a schedule that’s best for them.
Our Ultimate Flexibility program allows you to take off work without the stress of making sure it’s covered. If you know 10 or more days in advance that you will need the time off. You have the opportunity to pick up shifts at other locations which allows you to find the shifts that work for you outside of your regularly scheduled shifts.
Pay for a Certified/Licensed Massage Therapist in California? 
Technically speaking, in California,while it’s true that there’s no license requirement for massage therapists, going to one of the top massage therapy schools and becoming certified through CAMTC opens new opportunities to get paid a premium.It also allows therapists to stand out, above the rest. The point is, once you become a certified massage therapist opportunities will come, especially if you join our team. 
It was once a common practice for massage therapists to only get paid for the services they performed. Burke Williams not only pays you for all of the time you are scheduled to work, but any training you may do as well.  
Some spa companies pay a percentage of what the guest pays, which means when working on a member who pays less, the therapist then gets paid less. Burke Williams pays a flat rate per service so you get paid the same regardless if the guest is a member or a return client.
Host Your Own Massage Clients: Using Your Connections/Skills
As part of the Burke Williams family, we give you the opportunity to host your own guests. Perhaps you met someone at the gym who needs a massage or you want to treat your mom.  For a nominal fee, you can rent a room and use the Burke Williams facilities/products, while your guests can use all of the Burke Williams amenities. 
Career Opportunities: Paid Training and Ongoing Workshops 
Burke Williams offers additional benefits like paid training and other perks so you can not only be a part of a world-class team, but also continue to improve your skills and become better in the future. 
Tuition Reimbursements for Massage School & Securing Your Future 
Additionally, Burke Williams provides tuition reimbursements for students that attended certified massage therapy schools (speak to our recruiter for more details) with the goal of supporting the next generation of massage therapists. 
Wellness Program for Massage Therapists at Burke Williams
Aside from everything mentioned above, we live what we preach (promoting self-care, wellness) and we offer our massage therapists access to our wellness program, which includes 6 complimentary massages or facials and 3 chiropractic appointments each year along with use of the spa amenities with manager approval. 
If this sounds like the type of supportive massage environment you’re looking for, please visit our Career Page to learn more.  

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