Giving Your Mom a Relaxing Spa Day: She Deserves It

Posted by Burke Williams on May 05, 2023

Sometimes life gets hectic and it’s good to take a step back, slow down and focus on you – relaxation and self-care in general are topics we don’t think about enough – and similarly there are things you can do for your mom to give her a quick escape. For example, a luxurious spa day.

This post touches on the benefits of spa days ranging from the relaxation they provide to the ways spa days at home can bring families together while also giving them a chance to recharge collectively. 

After being an innovator and leader in the spa industry for nearly 40 years, catering to moms (and parental figures of all types) has always been a priority for Burke Williams and truly goes back to our roots. Below are some of the common questions we get along with our feedback: 

What can you do on a spa day with your mom? 

A spa day with your mom can be a true adventure ranging from getting facials, massages, or your nails done to indulging in various amenities like soothing baths, relaxing in the jacuzzi and so much more. The important thing to look for when booking a spa day is the amenities the particular spa provides because not all are created equal. 

An important thing to consider when booking a spa day is the amenities. Some spas offer a wider range of amenities, such as steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzis, cold mist, quiet rooms, and more, to help create a fuller, more transformative experience.

How do I plan a spa day at home for my mom? 

When planning a spa day for your mom at home you should be thinking about all of the elements that make her/your favorite spa special. For example, at Burke Williams we strive to create an experience from when you walk in the door to when you leave feeling relaxed and that comes down to the sights, sounds, services, etc. Plan with your mom’s interests in mind. 

How can I do a family spa day at home? 

One of the questions we’ve seen recently is how to do a family spa day at home, which is a great way to bring the family together while showing the importance of self-care. The first step is to understand what everyone finds relaxing then start to make a checklist of things to buy including candles, various spa products, etc. Lastly, think about making simple, refreshing beverages like spa water or lemonade. 

The moral of the story is that you can give your mom the gift of a spa day at a local spa or at home – all that really matters is showing her she’s special. 

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