What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Massage Therapist?

Posted by Burke Williams on Feb 24, 2023

The world is changing rapidly and people are starting to think outside of the box about ways they can make a difference while also fulfilling their dreams/goals of helping others, and that has led to a huge spike in job applications we’re getting for massage therapist positions. Though what are the credentials you need to become a massage therapist?

First off, similar to becoming a chef by experiencing culinary school, the same applies to education around massage and by attending a massage therapy program you’ll be on the right track for what’s to come (a future in the industry).

Secondly, aside from education, it’s critical you have real world experience that covers the usual requirements (externship hours, continually practicing/improving, etc.) and ultimately the knowledge and ability to deliver results for your guests.

Lastly, if you’re looking to pursue a career in massage therapy it’s important to take the business side of the equation into account. For example, would you rather work for an established company and do what you love or work independently and have to worry about everything associated with that ranging from licensing fees to accounting, etc.?

And if you’re looking for a massage therapist position now let’s connect.

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