Your First Time at a Day Spa: What to Expect & How to Prepare

Posted by Burke Williams on May 25, 2023

Life is all about experiencing new things, and when it comes to visiting a day spa for the first time many people don’t know what to expect or how to prepare, and this blog post touches on some of the common questions we get after nearly 40 years in the spa industry along with our suggestions.

The first and most important thing to remember is proper spa etiquette: Guests visit the spa to rest and recharge in a private, serene setting and though we are attached to our phones nowadays and want to share our experiences, there are certain areas in spas where having a phone or other device out can take away from that serene setting and make others feel uncomfortable. Keeping this in mind, this approach will provide the best experience for yourself and others. 
Now focusing on the most exciting part – your first time at a day spa – while the spa world may be new to you we are here to guide you through your journey as a spa guest and fully embrace this relaxing experience.  
What Should I Wear to a Day Spa? 
While preparing for a spa day you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable then once you step into a spa like Burke Williams you’ll be given a luxurious robe, slippers, towels and everything else you need. Don’t stress about what to wear and think about how to relax. 
What to Bring on a Spa Day? 
Whether you’re visiting a spa for the first time or have been going for years, there are certain things you want to bring which also depend on the amenities/services you’ll be taking advantage of. For example, if you’re planning on relaxing in the jacuzzi and steam room you can bring a swimsuit and if you want quiet time you may want to bring a book – whatever makes you comfortable. Keep in mind we are a European-style spa, so bathing suits are optional. 
What are the Benefits of a Spa Day? 
The benefits of a spa day are similar to taking a walk in the park, spending time with your family and everything else in our lives that allow us to relax and recharge. Day spas are another destination in which we can do exactly that. 
Have questions about booking your first spa day? Our Guest Services team is here to help and only a call away: (866) 239-6635

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