Jeri Sydnor Makes Relaxation Easy at Simply Massage by Burke Williams

Posted by Heidi on Mar 15, 2018

Renewal and relaxation are easy at Simply Massage by Burke Williams, where guests receive a therapeutic massage in a convenient atmosphere. Jeri Sydnor, Director of Simply Massage by Burke Williams in Marina del Rey, is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service while accommodating and enhancing active lifestyles. Whether welcoming guests to Simply after a long day at the office or post-workout, Sydnor and her skilled team are creating opportunities to experience a Burke Williams quality massage within busy schedules.

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, former linguist in the United States Army, and a member of the Burke Williams family for a decade, Sydnor opened the flagship Simply Massage concept in 2015. Since its inception, Simply Massage has continued to generate a loyal customer base while engaging with new clients to create a health & wellness experience ideal for people on the go. With a strong company history and love of the Burke Williams brand, Sydnor shared how Simply Massage differs from Burke Williams Day Spas, what’s kept her with the company, and how she motivates her team.

How does Simply Massage differ from Burke Williams Day Spa?

Burke Williams Day Spas are fantastic, but there’s not always time to enjoy a full day of relaxation – that’s where we come in. At Simply, you’re in for the service then out and refreshed for what lies ahead. It’s very quick and easy, and you’re receiving the same quality massage and welcomed by an experienced and dedicated staff.

Simply offers fabulous memberships as well, with programs that give guests the opportunity to save money on services while benefitting from the health and well-being of a monthly massage. The memberships are versatile too because Simply members receive the perks of membership at Burke Williams Day Spas so you can enjoy the spa amenities, skin care services, and other signature treatments when time is less of an issue.

What’s kept you at Burke Williams?

Burke Williams truly operates like a family. I’ve felt that way since I started with the company in 2008 as a massage therapist. The founders, Bill & Theresa Armour, identify people and grow them from within the company. I worked my way through spa manager positions, executive assistant and regional management roles, to my current role as Director of Simply Massage. Bill and Theresa don’t just hide behind an office wall somewhere, they’re in the spas and working with their team. When you have the opportunity to grow like that and then create opportunities for your staff to grow like that as well, it leaves you feeling satisfied and motivated.

Do you feel that’s what keeps your staff motivated as well?

I feel very fortunate to work in the health & wellness space. When I work with the Simply team, I look at our day to day activity from a holistic standpoint. We want our team to be happy, healthy, and feel appreciated. I often share my story with staff, encouraging them that if this is a path for them, there’s an opportunity to grow. The company is collectively one huge family, and I do my best to keep that practice alive and strong at Simply. You could say I’m a “ride or die” type of person and that extends to professional life as well. I’m all in if you are! We often have potluck meals to build camaraderie, and whether I’m hiring a massage therapist or front desk staffer, I’m upfront with them – I let them know that it’s my goal to have them be a strong part of the team and lead future Simply’s.

Make relaxation and renewal easy at Simply Massage by Burke Williams, visit for more information and to make a reservation.

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