DIY Costumes for a Spook-tacular Halloween!

Posted by Heidi on Oct 26, 2017

Halloween is quickly approaching and if you’re scrambling for a costume idea consider a DIY option that’s frighteningly fabulous – and perfect in a pinch! Whether glamming it up for an evening bash or joining the family for trick or treating, we’ve rounded up costume ideas that are affordable and oftentimes hiding in your beauty bag or closet. Check out the below and enjoy a spook-tacular Halloween this year with a DIY costume!

Creature Feature

Release your inner beast and go with an easy animal look. The traditional cat is simple with red lipstick and liquid black eyeliner. Start by applying red lipstick to the lower lip. Use the liquid liner for the top lip, tip of your nose, and nostrils. Then fill in the narrow space that connects your lip to your nose, a.k.a. cupid’s bow, with liquid liner. Add the final touches by painting three thin whiskers at each corner of your smile, pick up a pair of cat ears and prowl!

Fierce and Frightening Ghost Look

Who says ghosts always need to appear in a white sheet? Elevate this classic costume with an affordable package of face paint from your local drug store and items you likely have in your beauty bag. Start with a cute, all white ensemble (think white pants and a crop top or sassy white dress) then pair it with a killer pair of heels. For makeup, apply the white paint across your face and blend it down into the neckline.  Then use a pink or purple palate of eyeshadow from your beauty bag to color the lids and under the eye with a light hue. Line your lips with a dusty purple eyeliner and blend inward. Top off the look with a white wig or scarf and let the frights begin.

Comic Relief

If a last-minute Halloween party pops up and you’re short on time but need a costume, consider going as a comic book character. Outline the crest of your forehead and jawline with black liquid eyeliner (not too much!). Then use white eyeliner or a white eyeshadow pencil and color small dots across the face, creating the pop art/comic book look. Generously apply blue eyeshadow over your lids, use a heavy black liner for your eyebrows, and apply dark mascara to the lashes. Apply bright red lipstick over your lips. Throw on a vibrant red t-shirt and blue jeans and you’ll look like you stepped out of a comic book!

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