Manis & Pedis - They'll Do More Than Make Your Nails Pretty

Posted by Heidi on Oct 09, 2016

 There’s something spectacular about getting a manicure and pedicure. From classic French manicures to bold designs, beautiful nails are a surefire way to feel fabulous. However, making time for nail care is more than a luxury, it keeps your nails strong and healthy. Find time to relax and enjoy the perks of manis & pedis, and keep reading to discover the health benefits of one of our favorite beauty rituals.


From typing to texting to daily labor, our hands get quite a workout. There are several ways to help your hands stay healthy, including daily moisturizing and avoiding too much sun. When it comes to your fingernails, the upkeep is more involved. Fingernails are comprised of laminated layers of protein called keratin, and can become brittle and worn down from work. Manicures are designed to help clean and moisturize your nails on a deep level, and give much needed attention to your cuticles.

The crescent at the base of your nail is called the lunula, and the cuticle is the piece of skin that overlaps the base. Cuticle care is important to keep skin from becoming ragged and tearing, which could lead to a bacterial infection (when cuticles are red or inflamed there’s a good chance there’s bacteria brewing). Manicures groom the skin all around your nails, leaving them strong and beautiful. They also clear away unwanted extra skin that can lead to infections or fungus.


The same principles that apply to fingernail health apply to toenail health, only toenails are at greater risk for ailments. Because your feet receive greater exposure to the ground, they’re more likely to pickup unwanted travelers like bacteria and fungus. Not a pretty thought, but a reality that should be taken seriously. Beaches, pools, and gym shower floors all have potential for fungus or bacteria (even with flip flops protecting your toes from the floor). Burke Williams offers revolutionary Steam Pedicures, which replace the use of water with steam to hygienically open pores and eliminate dead skin cells. This eco-friendly approach includes a foot and calf massage and leaves feet soft, hydrated, and healthy.

Going in for regular pedicures is a great way to catch an infection early, because pedicurists can spot the signs of fungus before they’re visible to the average person. Pedicures also promote overall foot wellness, purging your feet of dead skin cells and exfoliating a part of your body that carries all of the weight (literally). Keeping your feet free of calluses and dead skin helps you distribute your weight more evenly, helping your posture and back.

Manicures and pedicures are a glorious indulgence, but they also offer many health benefits. They often include hand and foot massage, which improves circulation and helps loosen tight muscles. The next time you’re feeling the urge to pamper yourself with mani & pedi, move forward with confidence and remember that they do more than make your nails pretty.


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