What is the Highest Paid Massage Therapist Job? Private Practice vs Established Brand

Posted by Burke Williams on Sep 17, 2023

Over time the massage industry has transformed and becoming a massage therapist is now respected as a profession where you have the ability to use your skills to truly transform someone’s day by doing meaningful work with purpose and intention.  

When it comes to having your own massage practice versus working at an established spa that’s known throughout the world, there are benefits to each, though it all depends on your personal goals, and this blog post sheds more light on that. 

First and foremost, to answer one of the common questions we receive, the highest paid massage therapists are those with private clients, though many times that requires you to not only be passionate about massage therapy but also someone that wants to become an entrepreneur, start a business, spend money on marketing to attract new clients and everything else that comes with running a private massage practice.   

On the other hand, and what we’ve experienced over the past 35+ years, a vast majority of massage therapists want to focus on their passion without the pain points and stress of running a business, which leads to the upside of working for an established brand like Burke Williams that offers competitive pay along with benefits and the ability to learn/grow. Additionally, Burke Williams is happy to offer its employees the opportunity of hosting their private clients in our facilities (in accordance with our guidelines/policies). 

In a nutshell, when looking at the highest-paid massage therapists, you have to take everything into account, from pay to benefits and the environment you’re working in – people/co-workers you enjoy being around – to ultimately choose what’s best for you. 

If you’re passionate about massage therapy and interested in joining the Burke Williams team, you can learn more on our Careers page. 

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