Beauty Tricks to Fight Allergy Symptoms

Posted by support on Feb 23, 2015

Springtime brings warm weather, blooming flowers and more outdoor activity. Yet the beauty of spring can also bring on unwanted allergies. The nonstop sneezing and watery eyes can put a damper on your social life, but don’t worry! There are a handful of beauty tricks to help hide any signs of allergies. Consulting a physician is always the first step when it comes to your health, but these tips, along with medical advice, can lessen the visual effects of allergies.

Fresh & Clean
Makeup can bother people with sensitive eyes, but using fresh applicators, brushes, and products can help cut down the negative side effects of allergies. Keep rubbing alcohol or cleansing wipes to clean eyelash curlers and ensure makeup surfaces are free from build up or dust. Using clean products during peak allergy season is key!

Easing Irritated Eyes
The eyes are the most challenging piece of the allergy puzzle and solutions can vary from person to person. For people with sensitive eyes, the temptation to layer on make up and hide redness can make the problem worse. Resist the urge and use a small amount of lightweight concealers and shadows and consider hanging up the eyeliner until the pollen count takes a dive. Waterproof mascara is another option for watery eyes. Before using it, be sure to try on a small sample first to make sure the product doesn’t make allergy symptoms worse.

Hydrate Your Body – and Your Lips
Chapped lips aren’t just a symptom of allergies, they’re also a sign of dehydration. Definitely reach for a quality lip balm, but also reach for a tall glass of water.

Dulling a Red Nose
When it comes to a glowing nose, there’s the obvious move of applying foundation or concealer, but there are two important steps that should be taken first. Step one: moisturize. Your nose often becomes dry and sometimes even cracked from excessive blowing and itching. Step two: apply a green primer before using a light coat of foundation. These two steps help to reduce the redness before applying a concealer.

Calming a Swollen, Puffy Face
Swollen eyes and a puffy face are the most common challenges for people who suffer from allergies. A cold compress is a great option for reducing swelling. Another option is to use a natural Aloe Vera or cooling mask, but apply the product to a small portion of your face to make sure the treatment doesn’t cause an unfriendly reaction.

Last but definitely not least, schedule a Burke Williams Nourishing Facial and give your skin the extra hydration it craves!


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