The 10 Days of the Year That You Must Go to the Spa

Posted by support on May 13, 2014

Your birthday, Valentine’s Day and Christmas are gimmes. We took on a mission to identify other days of the year that you deserve pampering, relaxation and time for inward reflection. We bet none of the following have crossed your mind before! Take out your scheduler and pen in the following:

10. Your high school/college graduation anniversary - School may or may not have been an intellectual challenge for you, but one thing is for sure: it took some emotional effort to get through. Congratulate yourself at the spa for coming out triumphant.

9.Eat What You Want Day, May 11 - What is it? A chocolate torte, a stack of pancakes or a creme brulee all to yourself? Whatever your craving, pick one up on the way home from the spa to complete your day

8.Hug Your Cat Day, June 4 - If you don’t have a cat, hug your dog, your significant other, your child or just yourself. Hug someone and practice self-care by going to the spa.

7. The day after tax day, April 16 - You made it through another tax season. Reward yourself and take a hot soak of relief.

6. His birthday - Will the two of you go to dinner, take a weekend getaway or cook a romantic dinner at home together? Feel your prettiest and most sensual by spending some time at the spa first so you can celebrate while feeling your best. MissionViejo_02

5.Global Forgiveness Day, August 27 - The holiday originated in Vancouver, Canada with the Christian Embassy of Christ's Ambassadors to promote the releasing of grudges. While you’re at it, release your tension with a deep tissue massage.

4.Positive Thinking Day, September 13 - The origin of this holiday is not known. If you must have thoughts at all while at the spa, let them be positive. Color any concern that enters your mind into a positive way, and see if one day’s worth of positive thinking brings you any benefits.

3.World Smile Day, first Friday in October - Harvey Ball of Worcester, Massachusetts designed the famous smile that represents this holiday. It was first celebrated in 1999, intent on encouraging people to perform some act of kindness that would cause another person to smile - and there are few things that are more smile inducing than spa treatments.

2. The day of unbearable weather - Whether it’s summer and you’re sure you can’t sweat another drop, or it’s winter and you begin to doubt whether spring will ever come, get thee to the spa.

1. The day that you achieve something you’ve been working toward - All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. Balance your hard work by rewarding yourself for your achievement!

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