Your Ultimate Spa Schedule

Posted by support on Nov 12, 2013

A modern woman’s schedule is packed with appointments and sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly when you’re supposed to take care of all the important tasks that come with being an adult. Should you take your pet to the veterinarian once a year or bi-annually? Should you change your car’s fuel filter every six months or every six years? Unfortunately we can’t all afford a personal assistant, which is why so many women struggle to create their own spa schedules. We want to help. Use this guide to decide exactly when it’s time to visit your favorite Burke Williams location.

Facial. Your skin completely regenerates itself approximately every 27 days. If you have special skin issues like clogged pores, rosacea, acne or dryness, you may find a twice-monthly facial makes your skin happiest. If your skin falls within the “normal” range, once a month is likely just right. 

Body Treatments. Adhering to the every-27-days rule, you’ll find your softest, most youthful skin shines through with a monthly body treatment. The heavenly experiences provided by natural scrubs, wraps and massages with essential oils will recharge your spirit while gentle exfoliation renews your skin.

Manicure. How quickly your nails grow, how much wear-and-tear your hands see and the care you take to wear gloves to perform household chores all affect how often you need a manicure. If you generally remain chip-free between visits, once weekly should do the trick. If your hands tend to see more action, try every three to five days.

Pedicure. As with manicures, the factors influencing how often your feet and toenails require attention can vary. What kind of shoes do you wear—sandals, trainers, heels? Do you wear cotton or nylon socks? The same bacteria that causes foot odor can accumulate under the nail beds of toes, so it’s especially important to give them the attention they need. A visit every one or two weeks keeps your toenails in tip-top shape, your polish fresh, and dry heels supple and soft.

Massage. The massage is perhaps the crowning jewel of the spa experience. Some find that once-monthly visits suffice, while others feel that one appointment a week or several a week provide invaluable relaxation and regeneration needed for hectic lives. Do what works for your spirit, schedule, and budget.

To maintain your best self at the best price, consider investing in one of our three membership packages. And to make the most of your time at the spa, check off several procedures in one luxurious day with our Day At The Spa packages. Life is hectic – schedule a little time for yourself and watch your mood improve.

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