The Enemy at Home: Your House Could be Making You Ugly

Posted by support on Feb 25, 2013

Limp hair, brittle nails, and reoccurring breakouts: if you’re suffering from one of these beauty nightmares, your dream house may be to blame. It doesn’t matter if you live in an efficiency apartment or a sprawling mansion – hidden conditions at home could be undermining your best beauty efforts. It sounds a little frightening, but here’s the good news - every single one of these conditions can be changed.

Is your skin red, irritated and dry? Your heating and cooling system could be the reason. The furnace and air conditioner may keep you comfortable at home, but these appliances often remove moisture from the air, which can lead to dry hair and skin, or even brittle nails. To fight back without having to freeze your way through winter and sweat your way through summer, place a humidifier in your room and run it while you sleep. For a beautifying bonus, add a drop of essential lavender oil to help you relax and enjoy more restful sleep.

On the other hand, maybe your skin is okay but your hair lacks luster and body. If that's the case, then we're betting that you live in an area with hard water. “Hard water” is a term used to describe tap water that contains a lot of minerals. These microscopic impurities cling to hair shafts, weighing them down and dulling their shine. Luckily, just like you can use a Brita water filter to purify your drinking water, you can also use special shower head filters to trap minerals before they make it to your hair. Try installing a filter in your shower and you’ll be surprised at the difference.

So now that your skin is moisturized and your hair has body and shine, it’s time to tackle those pesky breakouts you keep having. Monthly facials and at-home treatments like H2V’s soothing benonite clay mask can help treat blemishes and can even stop them before they form, but if you continue to suffer from breakouts even after taking these steps, it’s probably time to change your bed sheets. Your sheets can trap and hold more oil and bacteria than you realize, and pressing your face against a dirty pillowcase for eight hours a night is a surefire way to create skin problems. Clean your sheets more often and you’ll clear up problem breakouts at the same time.

Your home is meant to be your refuge, the one place where you can completely relax and be yourself, but if you let these easy-to-fix issues turn your safe haven into an environment that is hostile to you hair, skin and nails, you're going to be stressed. Put in a little extra effort to improve conditions on the home front and you’ll be surprised at how much your appearance, and your mood, will improve.

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