How to Winter-Proof Your Skin

Posted by support on Nov 07, 2013

Cool winter air is the perfect excuse to wear luxurious scarves, sip hot cider or tuck yourself into bed with a good book, but beauty mavens fear it for good reason — it wreaks havoc on skin moisture. Frigid temperatures and harsh wind can cause skin to dry, crack, peel and even wrinkle prematurely. To keep your skin summer-dewy during the chillier months, you have two options – hibernate until winter is over, or employ a solid defense with a skincare regimen tailor-made for surviving the cold months with your radiant skin intact.

We recommend the latter. Here are some smart strategies that can help:

Lay It On Thick. While you may have gotten away with light or oil-free moisturizers during the balmier months, winter wind – which strip your skin of its healthy oils – will require that you slather on the thick stuff. Choose an oil-based cream, and don’t shy away from heavy application (especially on windy days). Winter-Proof Your Skin

Slough Away Dead Cells. If you notice patches of scaly or flakey skin, choose a soothing exfoliant like H2V Buff and gently massage it onto your skin during a warm bath. It’s important that you take a warm and not hot bath, as a trip from your humid-and-toasty bathroom to a frigid bedroom will dry your skin and nullify your efforts.

Practice Safe Sun. The summer sun’s scorching rays serve as a convenient reminder to put on sunscreen, but your skin is your largest organ and it requires protection even when it’s chilly outside. Simplify your daytime routine by selecting a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15, or mix a stronger SPF into your existing moisturizer.

Duck And Cover. Well, cover anyway. If you must spend long stretches of time outside in Mother Nature’s wintry wonderland, create physical barriers against her harshness. Gloves, scarves, hats, and even face wraps serve as effective guards against the drying effects of cold wind. A layer of heavy moisturizer combined with a layer of protective clothing may even leave your skin feeling softer than it did before the seasons changed.

In addition to taking these simple protective measures, don’t forget that your face requires more care during the winter months than at any other time of the year. Schedule a monthly facial to combat dullness, enlarged pores and other signs of aging that can easily result from neglect. Winter is the season of sparkle after all, so get out there and shine.


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