What Does a Facial Cleanser Do? Answers From Our Experts

Posted by Burke Williams on Feb 24, 2023

Going back many years up until now the concept of cleaning our faces has evolved rapidly and nowadays there are tons of products on the market aimed at exactly that, though what does a facial cleanser actually do?

In a nutshell, a facial cleanser is part of a skincare routine that focuses on lifting up oils, removing dirt, pollutants and any other surface debris from the skin. And ideally you want your facial cleanser to be PH balanced so it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils and barriers.

When it comes to dealing with dry skin, creamy cleansers are great while on the flip side foamy cleansers are perfect for all skin types, including those suffering from oily skin. That’s where understanding your skin and how it reacts is important before purchasing facial cleansing products, establishing a skincare routine, etc.

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