Massage Therapist Jobs in Santa Monica: The Burke Williams Experience

Posted by Burke Williams on Apr 07, 2023

As one of the first locations where Burke Williams started nearly 40 years ago before the massage industry took off, our Santa Monica destination holds a special place in our hearts. And it’s also where we have various massage therapist job opportunities available now due to high demand.
Similar to painting a work of art or preparing the best dinner, there’s something to be said about building the right foundation, and we are looking to expand our Santa Monica team in preparation for what’s to come. 
Do you have a passion for massage therapy? Already have a certification from an accredited school and searching for what’s next? We are here to help you on that journey. 
From job opportunities for experienced massage therapists to tuition reimbursement programs for the next generations, Burke Williams continues to push the boundaries and further establish the true essence of the day spa industry. 

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