Making Spa Water at Home: The Burke Williams Recipe

Posted by Burke Williams on Jun 16, 2023

When you step into a spa you immediately feel like you’ve been transported into a relaxing destination, and part of that experience is attributed to spas having refreshing beverages ranging from spa water to the iconic Burke Williams lemongrass and vanilla tea, which we’ve become known for. 

And whether you’re looking to recreate a spa day at home or simply crave spa water, this post touches on our secret – yet not so secret – recipe that we’ve been using for nearly 40 years. Essentially, taking ice cold water to a whole new level. 
With luxury day spas across California that have provided services to millions of guests, below are some of the most common questions Burke Williams gets related to our spa water: 
What is Spa Water Made Of? 
Though the recipe for spa water may seem magical, it’s actually very simple: Slice up cucumbers, oranges and lemons, then place them in filtered water with ice. And you have the flexibility to be as creative as you want, where spa water can be made of the above ingredients and whatever else you desire.   
What Does Putting Fruit in Your Water Do? 
Putting fruit in spa water adds a unique, refreshing element that compliments relaxation, enhances hydration, and provides an overall elevated experience. When you take time to focus on yourself, everything needs to be special, including hydration.  
How Long is Spa Water Good For? 
If you are on a mission to make spa water at home, the most important feedback we can give is to prepare the spa water the day of – that’s why Burke Williams makes many batches of spa water with fresh ingredients throughout the day at all of our locations. 
Have questions about spa water or want to share your creations? Let’s connect. 

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