On-the-Go Workout Tips

Posted by Heidi on Mar 13, 2017

Finding time to work out can be a challenge, and for many people with busy schedules it often seems impossible. The Normal Bar Interactive survey reports that 17% of people are too tired to exercise and more than 30% just don’t have the time. However, making physical fitness a priority can yield incredible benefits for your body and your mental health. If you’re in that 47% struggling to create time for exercise, consider changing your workout strategy. We’ve compiled the top tips on how to keep exercise prep at a minimum.


Pack Your Bag the Night Before

How many times have you said, “I’ll just pack my gym bag in the morning” and never do? Packing the night before is a simple step that will make your daily workouts more convenient. Keep your gym clothes separate and visible in your closet for easy accessibility, and buy a second set of beauty products (deodorant, shampoo, etc.) that are only for your gym bag. Place your bag by the door as a reminder that you will kill it tomorrow! Make it an even better work out by prepping your mind with this super cute tote!


Find a Gym Close to Work

One of the easiest ways to squeeze in a workout is by finding a time that’s consistently available.  Lunchtime is excellent for taking a break from the long work day, and spending it at a nearby gym will help you feel better and stay focused the rest of the of the afternoon. If the gym isn’t your thing, join a yoga or Pilates studio near work that offers midday sessions. Whether your workout is within walking distance or a short drive, you’re already on the path to a healthier routine!


Invest in The the Right Products

If your daytime workout has you worried about your hair and makeup, then now is the perfect time to become better prepared! Dry shampoo is your new BFF (if it isn’t already). Find one that works for your hair to keep it looking fresh (this is our favorite!). Consider investing in a good tinted moisturizer, which will save your skin from breakouts and clogged pores that come along with regular foundation sweat sessions. Head over to your local Sephora or Ulta and discuss your needs with an associate, or treat yourself to a facial and speak with an esthetician about keeping skin healthy with an active lifestyle.


No matter how busy life seems to be, remember to always give yourself the care and love you deserve. We hope these on-the-go tips help you make it to your next workout and feel fabulous.

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