7 Ways to Ensure Your Holidays Stay Merry and Bright

Posted by Ace Agency on Nov 23, 2015

Between the mad dash of finding the perfect gift and floods of seasonal parties, it can be a challenge to remain merry and bright during the holiday season. Over extending time and energy is a common mistake people make during the holidays, and the resulting stress can cause fatigue and irritability. Check out these seven stress reducers to ensure that the most wonderful time of the year stays that way.

  1. Take a Walk
    Even if the temperature outside is a bit frosty, take a moment and head out for a walk. Not only do outdoor strolls boost your intake of vitamin D, they boost endorphins that can reduce stress hormones. Going outside for fresh air is a great way to exercise and wards off bouts of melancholy or mild depression. It’s also a quick escape from overcrowded holiday get-togethers.

Still life with Happy Holidays sign and wrapped present boxes on the wooden board

  1. Lose the Smart Phone
    For those who are constantly tied to their electronic leash, finding the will power to set your smart phone aside can be difficult. Remember, the holidays are meant to savor time with friends and family, and constantly checking emails, social media, and texts can cause stress and take away from enjoying the moment.


  1. Have a Holly Jolly Attitude
    Laughter releases chemicals that trigger increased immune response, serotonin, and even growth hormones. Whether it’s a mild chuckle or an all-out roar of hilarity - laughing has a bevy of benefits that aid in circulation, muscle relaxation, and stress reduction.


  1. Plan a Day For Yourself
    At their core, the holidays are about celebrating others but it’s important to take time to decompress. Bubble baths, curling up with a good book, or listening to calm music are all in-home remedies for stress reduction. Another option is to add yourself to your holiday gift list, and schedule an appointment at Burke Williams where various spa treatments can alleviate stress and muscle aches from the holiday rush.


  1. Say No
    One of the easiest ways to add stress during the holiday season is to take on too much. Dinner parties, office gift exchanges, and family functions can take on a life of their own. This holiday season, don’t be afraid to delegate responsibilities or say no altogether.


  1. Don’t Expect Perfection
    While many classic holiday films depict the perfect ending to a fairytale holiday, reality often sets in and reveals a different story. Embrace the high points and chuckle at the imperfections. Life is anything but perfect, but with the right attitude the holidays can remain joyful in spite of unexpected snafus.


  1. Keep it Simple
    Tradition is wonderful, but so is change. Instead of buying multiple gifts for extended family members, consider drawing names for one specific person. The same could be said holiday dinners, don’t feel obligated to create a meal for several people. Instead, invite friends and family to pitch in and assign one dish to everyone.


Cheers to a happy and stress-free holiday!

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