Spa Treatments to Love & Spa Treatments to Avoid While Pregnant

Posted by support on Jan 31, 2014

A woman’s body goes through major changes (to say the least) during pregnancy. Many of these changes manifest as discomfort, unfortunately. Fatigue, cramping and body aches can leave you wanting to hit the spa more than ever while pregnant.

And you should. Provided you follow a few precautions, a trip to the spa can be just what the doctor ordered. The following guide promotes the health of you and your baby at the spa.

Spa Treatments to Love While Pregnant

schwangere mit rückenschmerzenMassages - A professional massage can be incredibly therapeutic during your pregnancy. Request a massage therapist who has experience with pregnant massage, as you’ll be requiring extra care in your altered state.

Lying on your stomach may be entirely out of the question depending on what trimester you’re in, so your therapist will have pillows and wedges that will help you get comfortable. Some massage tables even feature indents for bellies to sit in while moms lie on their tummies, enabling you and your baby can relax together.

Facials - Skin can be extra sensitive during pregnancy, so skip any intense scrubs or chemical peels. If it’s uncomfortable for you to lie on your back, your therapist can also provide a chair that allows you to sit up to take the pressure off your blood vessels and tendons. Who says you can’t feel pretty while 20 pounds heavier?

Manicure-Pedicures - Women’s nails tend to grow stronger and longer during pregnancy, but some women experience quite the opposite. Their nails begin to discolor and split as the pregnancy wears on.

Whether your nails are the former or the latter, a manicure and pedicure are just the trick to add a bit of gorgeous to a sometimes uncomfortable experience.

Though your specific situation may prohibit other treatments (consult your doctor), there is only one kind of procedure you should always avoid while pregnant: full-body heat.

Saunas, jacuzzis, tanning beds and heated body wraps can raise your internal temperature, which can put your baby at risk. Though the thought of soothing your muscles in heat may be tempting, it’s best to avoid until you’re no longer carrying a little one.

Treat yourself to one of our Day At The Spa packages to incorporate all the procedures on this to-do list in one luxurious day. You and your baby deserve it.


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