‘Tis The Season to Spa LaLaLaLa!

Posted by support on Dec 19, 2012

With the holiday season right upon us it is easy to become overwhelmed and overlook how special this time of year truly is. We should not forget to celebrate what really matters: our family and friends, acts of kindness, health, and gratitude. I've been known to be a crazed-gift giver always trying to outdo myself from the year-to-year, but this time around I am taking it down a notch. I still have every intention of absolutely spoiling everyone I know with thoughtful gifts, however this year the theme is pampering and I'm giving the gift of rejuvenation!

How do you relax during the holiday season? Chances are, you might not. What about afterwards? Wouldn't you just love it if someone gave you a gift that allowed you to unwind, regroup and enjoy the holidays once Santa heads back to the North Pole? This year Burke Williams has made it PRETTY easy to make this fantasy a reality.

Designed with everyone you know in mind, and exclusively for the holiday season, you will not only give the gift of relaxation but you will get some relaxation in return! By gifting one of these special packages, you will automatically receive a 3-day spa pass, a $135 values, for you to enjoy the facilities yourself! And if you care to take advantage of one of their signature services, the Burke Williams spa in your area will extend a 20% discount off of your treatment the same day. Here are all the luxurious ways you can indulge your loved ones this holiday:

Relax: 50-minute Pure Relaxation Massage or 50-minute Spa-Style Facial and a 25-minute Salt or Sugar Glo with Hair Masque Enhancement.

Renew: 50-minute Pure Relaxation Massage with Hot Stone Enhancement, 50-minute Spa-Style Facial and a 25-minute Salt or Sugar Glo with Hair Masque Enhancement.

Inspire: 25-minute Salt or Sugar Glo, 80-minute Burke Williams Massage and an Anti-Aging Facial.

For Him: 50-minute Deep Tissue Massage, 50-minute Men's Facial and Hunter's Retreat.

For Your Teen: 75-minute new Teen Facial.

Revive: 50-minute Pure Relaxation Massage with a Revive Aromatherapy Enhancement where the relaxation continues at home because you will be given the remaining lotion to enjoy days after.

When you make a list and check it twice, it's not hard to immediately figure out who has been naughty or nice enough to receive these amazing services! Snag one for your self and make it a date to check out with your best friend or loved one to relax. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to unplug for a few hours and catch up with someone special especially in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

After all isn’t that what this season is truly all about?

Happy Holidays!




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