The H2V Approach – Insight from our Director of Skincare, Patricia Uiterwyk

Posted by support on May 23, 2016

H2V Skin Care Products at Burke WilliamsGrowing up, I was the girl who was always in the mood for a makeover. Slumber parties were an opportunity to lend my beauty expertise to friends, and I loved administering late night facials, mani-pedis, and new hairstyles. Truth be told, my youthful interest in esthetics eventually led me into the principals office, thanks to my habit of correcting skin tones and shading brows in my textbooks. Despite my brief disciplinary snag, my love for all things beauty-related maintained and ultimately led me to my current role as Director of Skincare at Burke Williams.

When creating an experience to soothe the mind, body, and spirit, every detail must be taken into consideration and skincare is no exception. My passion for skincare is shared by our highly skilled and talented estheticians, and we love helping people find in-spa treatments and at home regiments that best fit their needs.

Our H2V skincare line is an exclusive collection of world-class products that combine herbal ingredients with tested and proven scientific components. The result is an effective line of products that repair and nourish your skin while allowing your natural beauty to shine. An experienced team of estheticians, scientists, and industry professionals created H2V, ensuring top-quality products that enhance and re-energize the skin.

Speaking as an esthetician who still loves giving facials, there’s no other product that can offer what H2V can. I love providing people with the best skincare products possible, whether at Burke Williams or at slumber parties (I’m now attending my niece’s soirees as the resident esthetician). These are products that I use everyday both at work and at home, for clients and family.

Take a peek at our three categories of H2V products below. Talk to one of our estheticians about what products could best benefit your skin type in-spa and for everyday use. Visit to explore our skincare line and keep reading for a breakdown of these fabulous products that help you prepare, support, and target your skincare needs.


Preparedness is a gateway for healthy, glowing skin, and H2V offers an unparalleled selection of cleansers and moisturizers to execute this step.

Choose from one of our three cleansers: Complete (lavender oil, sensitive skin), Hydrate (cream cleanser, dry skin), and Regenerate (anti-aging). All three of these nourishing cleansers offer layers of specialized components to wash away toxins and refresh the skin.

This step also offers the Prepare toner to rehydrate and tighten skin, as well as the Buff polishing scrub for exfoliation. G 10 Glycolic Acid is a great option in the prepare stage, which sloughs off dead skin cells while using Acai berry antioxidants to boost your skin’s natural defenses.


The skin is the body’s largest organ, and should be supported in every way. Drinking water is one of the best methods to keep your skin healthy and glowing (hydration is key for overall health and wellness) but it’s also important to support the epidermis with a moisturizer that fits individual needs.

If you’re looking for an everyday moisturizer that protects from sun damage, look no further than Protect. This daytime SPF moisturizer is a great daily product that hydrates and protects. Quench is a moisture cream for dry, sensitive and rosacea (red, irritated) skin. This ultra rich cream is made with jojoba, rose, and chrysanthemum to reduce redness and deeply moisturize.

Balance is an oily skin moisturizer that leaves a matte finish, and provides excellent hydration. This is a must have for over-productive oil glands. Advance D3 is the perfect option for people looking to embrace aging slowly and gracefully. This anti-aging moisturizer is equipped with super hydrators and wrinkle reducing amino acids.


The H2V Line offers several products that target individual needs.

The Spotless benonite clay is a preventative measure for blemishes, using tea tree oil for antiseptic and antibacterial benefits. The Beyond mask is based from pumpkin puree to hydrate and tighten, and promotes the removal of dead skin cells.

Erase is an advanced compound that uses a specialized blend of ingredients to correct, and prevents hyperpigmentation by zeroing in on specific skin needs. Rescue is a pharmaceutical grade acne gel that attacks the bacteria that spawns acne.

Maintaining firm skin is important, and the Triple C Serum will fight free radical damage, firm skin, and boost collagen. Moisture Enhance also aids firm skin through hydration, serving as a much-needed drink of water for your skin that’s a great addition to any moisturizer or mask.

Dark, under-eye circles are a commonly targeted area for many people. Eye-Tox 3 is a great solution that uses Vitamin K and antioxidants to reduce the appearance of both dark circles and fine lines. Another great option for wrinkle reduction is Transform R3, which stimulates collagen production and promotes youthful skin.

Another option in H2V’s Target category is the Youth Cell Activator. Science and nature unite to offer this top-of-the-line anti aging serum, in which stem cell activators penetrate the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in as little as four weeks. This transformational product also helps skin maintain a moisture and vibrancy.

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