Mustard: Condiment or Skin Treatment?

Posted by support on Dec 15, 2014

When the word "mustard" comes to mind, it generally evokes images of Coney dogs and German sausages drenched in various shades of yellow. But what about envisioning mustard as a part of hydrotherapy used in bathing? Using mustard as a form of relaxation and detoxification may seem far-fetched, but it’s a method dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Mustard baths are also colored throughout England’s history and continue to rise in popularity.

Mustard with seeds and mustard flower on wooden background

Baths are a luxury rarely afforded in a busy lifestyle, but they’re a simple way to heal the mind, body and soul. The benefits of mustard baths are vast, but it’s important to first understand the importance of hydration therapy as a whole. Hydration therapy uses the act of bathing as a way to apply various aromas, elements and essential oils to the body. Hydrotherapy assists in relieving muscle soreness, aids in detoxification and can improve skin quality and circulation.

Mustard baths specifically target detoxification and tissue cleansing. Burke Williams’ Mustard Detox mixes specialized mustard powder to a heated bath along with a soothing blend of wintergreen, eucalyptus and rosemary. Mustard baths are an all-encompassing cleansing process that awakens the senses while sifting out longstanding contaminants. In short, the bath not only serves as relaxing aromatherapy treatment, it helps to eliminate toxins from the skin by opening the body’s pores and drawing out impurities.

Mustard stretches beyond the parameters of popular ballpark, carnival and party foods. Applying mustard powder to a heated bath helps to detoxify the skin and relax the mind. Book your Mustard Detox at Burke Williams today!





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