The Truth About Sugar That Will Surprise You

Posted by support on Sep 17, 2014

Sugar can wreak all kinds of havoc on your body - it can expand your waistline, give you high cholesterol and put you on the path to diabetes if you’re not careful. But sugar also has some very positive qualities, and can be added to your skincare routine to deliver amazing results.

Various kinds of sugar close upWhile a lot of it shouldn’t go in your body, sugar makes a delectable scrub for your skin, and it’s great for exfoliating sensitive skin. Brown sugar packs a double punch in the fight against wrinkles and blemishes - the natural glycolic acid in it is not only anti-bacterial, but helps moisturize and condition skin as well. Sugar is also a natural humectant, drawing moisture from the environment and leaving it in your skin, where you want it. This gentle hydration can help protect you from dry, flaky skin and leave you glowing.

If you have a dry, sensitive scalp, sugar scrubs can help to soothe and hydrate there as well. A sugar scrub on the scalp right before taking a shower can protect the precious moisture in your hair. People who go tanning can also benefit from the exfoliating protection of a sugar scrub - the gentle cleansing gets rid of rough, dead skin cells, giving you a blank canvas to work with in the tanning booth. Sugar’s moisturizing properties make sure you won’t dry out your skin during a session in the tanning bed, and it can prep your skin for a streakless spray tan.

Not to mention the most obvious benefit - nothing beats feeling fresh, clean, and moisturized, all while smelling like a plate of fresh sugar cookies. Burke Williams Sugar scrub treatments protect and exfoliate your skin, keep moisture in and smell great. Schedule yourself an appointment today!

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