Skin 911: What to Do After a Wax

Posted by support on Jun 11, 2014

If you just got a wax, you’ve got to be honest with yourself - you just subjected your epidermis to a whole lot of hate. But is your newly smooth, hair-free skin worth the pain? Of course! (But we adore the revelation of beautiful, healthy skin, so we’re probably biased).

The after-wax period isn’t always glowy, however. Sometimes you come home to find that your baby smooth skin is now displaying all the signs of a baby’s diaper rash; irritation, redness and even pain can be experienced within the first 24-48 hours afterward.

Baby your skin back to normalcy by following these three steps:

1. Take an anti-inflammatory. The inflammatory response is one of the ways our skin attempts to heal itself. By sending blood to the site of a wound, it aims to fight off potential infection. If you keep your waxed skin clean, however, your risk of infection will be low. That leaves your skin unnecessarily inflamed, and inflammation can hurt. Take an ibuprofen or aspirin to temper the pain. patch under her nose because of bad waxing her mustache

2. Apply an ice pack. If your skin is really hot and heavy, it may need some assistance in cooling down. Sanitize an ice pack by washing it with hot water and soap. Wrap the pack in a clean cloth and place it in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, gently apply the sanitized pack to your swollen skin and let it work its magic.

3. Moisturize. Skin loves moisture, and hairless skin is no exception. If you notice any dry flakes or a feeling of tightness around the waxed area, wait until the redness has dissipated and apply a gentle moisturizer. Bonus points if it contains skin-healthy oils like jojoba, coconut or olive oil.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, they say, so save yourself as much hassle as possible and exfoliate before your wax. This will ensure that the wax bonds firmly with your skin, pulling out all the hairs and reducing the risk that ingrowns might get left behind.

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