Is DMAE Science’s Answer to the Fountain of Youth?

Posted by support on Sep 12, 2013

If humans weren’t so obsessed with youth, Florida would have a different name – and if Burke Williams had existed in 1513, Ponce de León would have saved himself some work.

Legend has it that Ponce de León was searching for the fountain of youth when he landed in what is now St. Augustine in 1513. The conquistador named the “new” land Florida after Pascua Florida, the Easter feast that was being celebrated when he made landfall. If he hadn’t been so desperate to regain his youth, he may have sailed elsewhere or stayed home, and the state we now call Florida could just as easily been discovered by some other nation. New London, anyone? It’s crazy to think about, but our culture’s obsession with youth is so powerful, it changes history.

Our technology has evolved, and now your own personal “fountain of youth” is as close as your neighborhood spa. Thanks to the discovery of substances like DMAE, preserving and restoring youthful features is easier than ever before. So what exactly is DMAE, and what does it do? Fountain of youth concept.

DMAE stands for dimethylaminoethanol. Your body uses it to make acetylcholine, a substance that causes the muscles directly under your skin to contract. When the muscles in your face contract or tighten up, your face looks less “droopy” and more toned. Think of it like a mini-workout for your face – a tight and toned face, just like a fit body, makes you appear more youthful and healthy.

DMAE can be applied all over the body, and some people even ingest it in supplement form, but it’s most commonly used in facial serums like H2V Prepare. H2V Prepare combines the powers of DMAE with NaPCA, green tea, and aloe to hydrate, soothe and tighten skin. Make it a part of your daily skincare regimen and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the look and feel of your skin improves.

DMAE may not be the fountain of youth, but you’d never know after seeing the age-defying effects it has on your skin. Perhaps the fountain of youth is still out there somewhere, buried deep in a Tibetan cave or hidden beneath the Amazon’s lush canopy. It doesn’t hurt to hold out hope, but we’ll leave the exploring to the explorers. We’re sticking with DMAE.

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