Turn Back the Hands of Time With a Skin Peel

Posted by support on Jan 17, 2013

Imagine what it would be like to literally turn back the hands of time. You could say no to that blind date that turned out to be a total disaster. You could say yes to that geeky guy in college who later became a CEO. You could relive your favorite memories and get a do-over on your biggest regrets, and you could do it all with the smooth and flawless skin of your youth.

Sadly, scientists have yet to perfect the art of time travel. However, they have uncovered some innovative ways to rejuvenate your skin, and one of the absolute best ways to recapture the glow of youth is to get a professional skin peel treatment.

How exactly does a skin peel work? It’s actually pretty simple. Professional spa technicians apply a special solution that gently breaks down the top layer of skin. That layer can then be exfoliated away to make way for the younger, more supple skin cells underneath.

Who chooses this treatment? Anyone whose goal is to look younger and more radiant. Still, some spa-goers are better candidates for this treatment than others. For example, those with fair skin opt for skin peels more often than those with darker skin, as the process may produce a slightly uneven skin tone for people with darker complexions.

Women and men who have light scarring or wrinkled skin are also great candidates for a skin peel. The procedure can improve these issues while producing a youthful glow, allowing them to look years younger without the cost or recovery time of invasive surgeries.

After a professional peel, skin can more easily absorb toners, moisturizers and firming creams, and that helps you get the most out of your daily skin care routine and spa treatments. Always makes sure to consult a professional before receiving a peel treatment, but get ready for glowing skin that will turn back the hands of time.

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