Hello World, Meet Vitality

The first-ever massage with B12


Enjoy the revitalizing benefits of B12 in a relaxing spa environment. Transferred through touch and absorbed directly into skin without the use of injections or pills, this Burke Williams exclusive experience fuses traditional techniques with a combination of innovative remedies designed to support energy, immune health, positive mood and whole health restoration, leaving the body feeling refreshed and revived. 

Live your best life and receive 20% off regular pricing on your first Vitality Massage! 

Standard pricing is shown below. San Francisco, and  San Jose have unique treatment pricing. 

50-minute Vitality Massage $180 (regular) $140 (member price)
80-minute Vitality Massage $235 (regular) $185 (member price)


*20% discount applied at checkout and cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions, or offers.  Prices vary by location. Prices and discount do not include or apply to gratuities, or a mandatory 3% surcharge, which is applied to all services and enhancements. In San Francisco, an additional mandatory 4% surcharge for HCSO applies to all services and enhancements and is not included in the price. Gratuities and surcharges may be added at checkout. Offer is subject to terms and conditions; other exclusions may apply, call 1-866-BEYOND-5 for details.